About Us

 The section was founded in March 1966, upon the initiative presented by Dragoljub Urošević MD, PhD, Olivera Mijalković MD, and group of the first and second generation of general practice specialists: Spiridon Gikas MD, Jovanka Mutavdžić MD, Ana Mutić - Trifunović MD, Dane Žigić MD and Lazar Bijelić MD.

The idea was to improve role and status of general practice in our health care system, through the efforts of the Section.

The first, inaugural assembly of the Section took place on March 23. 1966, in the headquarters of Serbian Medical Society, 1 Narodnog fronta street, Belgrade.

Thirty specialists of general practice participated in this assembly.

The first president of the section was Spiridon Gikas MD (1966. – 1967.), and his successors, who have believed in their work, were:

- Primarius Dragoljub Urošević MD, PhD1967. – 1975.

- Primarius Vlastimir Janković MD, 1975. – 1979.

- Primarius Danica Kozarević MD, 1979. – 1982.

- Primarius Ljubica Dragin MD, 1982. – 1983.

- Primarius Dragoljub Petrović MD, 1983. – 1984.

- Primarius Danica Kozarević MD, 1984. – 1986.

- Primarius Dragoljub Ivanković MD, 1986. – 1991.

- Primarius Dejan Konstantinović MD, 1991. – 1998.g.,

- Primarius Mirjana Lapčević MD, 1998. – 2006.

- Primarius Mirjana Mojković MD, 2006. - . 

In 42 years of its existence, the Section was organizer of 29 expert conferences of General practice, the last seven with the international participation. The Section participated in the work of WONCA council in the last European WONCA congress in Istanbul, 2008th, and, at the same convention, held a plenary dedicated to common problems in primary health care in Southeast Europe.

The Section of General Practice publishes the magazine "The General Practice" dully registered at the authorities. The Magazine is released in April and September each year. The ministry of science and technology declared in 1996, that this publication is of a special interest for science. Editor-in-chief of the publication, from 2008th year is Suzana Stankovic, MD PhD

In its endeavors to help doctors and specialists of general practice in achieving new practical and theoretical knowledge, the Section has clearly defined goals in organizing of continuous medical education, accredited and evaluated by the Serbian Medical Chamber for acquiring professional license. Scientific and ethical board of the section corroborates each research or education project patronized by the Section. That is a guarantee of the quality of work, which we wish to offer to everyone who wishes to cooperate with us.

The greatest credit for the Section is increase in number of members and increase in number of participants of expert conferences and educational seminars in organization of the Section

We express our gratitude to all of our members and offer cooperation that is even more successful.



Presidency of the Section of General Practice of Serbian Medical Society