Писмо прим др Мире Киш као одговор EURACT-у на захтев да се прими Косово у чланство

Dear colleagues,

I am very glad to hear that our colleague Dimitrios has communicated potential candidates for EURACT membership, especially colleagues from France and Cyprus, as their membership was several times discussed. But on the other hand, I was profoundly surprised by the proposal for Kosovo to get a chance to achieve membership in the EURACT. I forwarded this information to all EURACT members in Serbia. After professional consultations and formal meetings, I was charged to send you this letter on behalf of all members, forwarding you our collective and deliberate position concerning this matter.

I would like to let you know that Serbian Medical Association is composed of medical doctors from Serbia, including  Medical Society of Vojvodina and Medical Society of Kosovo and Metohija, as the active members with all the equal rights and privileges. Having that in mind, we are expressing our firm disagreement to any proposal for Kosovo to get the full membership in EURACT,


prim dr  Mira Kis-Veljkovic

Serbian  Representative in EURACT Council